"Blessed is the one who blesses."

Casia Cook ​ ~ ​serves as ​Executive Director ​ of Adversities N’ Time, widely recognized as one of the most influential mental health organizations in the state of Nevada. Mrs. Cook brings the organization more than 7 years of experience. Casia took a vision and made it a reality through sound strategy development and Founded Adversities N’ Time in 2017, Casia passion to make a difference in her community from an early age nurturing the seed planted by her grandmother to feed, clothe and give shelter to underprivileged families however her true passion has always been mental health as she saw a loved one struggle with untreated mental health illness. 
In the capacity of Executive Director, Ms. Cook leads and oversees the staff of Adversities N’ Time and is responsible for advocacy, planning, and management of the Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery-Oriented system of care that delivers quality services through our team of qualified mental professionals and network of community partners.  Casia is a national leader with an excellent work ethic that has become a strong foundation for her success as an executive director today. While easygoing by nature, no one doubts her authority ~ she is direct and decisive when she needs to be.  Casia is respected not only by her staff but by her peers, she’s recognized for her ability to balance the spirit of community regulations with the difficulties of life during times of adversity. 

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